Destination: New York City!

I have finally arrived! Tyler and I drove out yesterday... and what horrible traffic it was! It took us over 5 hours to make the usually 3 hour trip. We just sat and sat... especially on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway. Ugh. Anyway, I suppose I should probably get used to it, eh?

We set up my room a bit, said hello and goodbye to my roommate (Oya) who had to go babysit, and have been dodging the cat so Tyler's allergies won't act up too badly while he's here. The cat is HUGE. His/her (I need to check on this with Oya when she gets back) name is milke. Milke has gotta weigh upwards of 18-ish pounds. I will have to post a picture at some point because he/she is realllllly cute- huge eyes and a seriously fat belly. Haha, just the way I like most creatures.

Most of you have probably heard me raving about my roommate also... She is so adorable. I have high hopes here. She's 29 years old, quirky, crunchy, and sweet-as-pie. i LOOOVVEEE her so far. After she left to babysit yesterday, I walked around the apartment and was just noticing all the little things she had out: all organic soaps from the co-op that she belongs to, fennel toothpaste, some sort of homemade deliciousness left out on the counter, a note explaining that she had to get up early to run a race in Central Park... Haha, I can't get over how adorable!! High hopes, people!

So the plan for today is to get some of my stuff in order. Maybe head to the uniform shop in Manhattan to get my supplies, get my subway pass, get some thick socks for the chef shoes that I have now ordered TWICE but are still too big... then we might do something silly and fun like go to Coney Island! We shall see where the day takes us. I don't have to be at school until Tuesday, so getting used to finding my way around my neighborhood and New York in general are top priority... and if exploring and having fun with Tyler are the only ways to do that, then so be it! What a tough life... haha.

Love you all! Will update soon!