It is Stinkin' Hot!

Hello all!

Today has certainly been an interesting one! I woke up to thunder showers, fat rain, and an apartment full of knocked over knick knacks from the cat being obnoxious in the night... I also felt really inexplicably tired and under the weather. As the day went on, it got hotter and hotter and more and more humid. It is about 85 degrees now. The subway was soooo gross until I finally made it onto the actual subway car which was air conditioned. Everyone else at school also seemed tired... but I actually felt like I was under water.. or like I had taken too much cold medicine or something. Everyone kept asking me why I was so quiet, etc. I think it's because I ate too much wheat this past weekend...

I am growing increasingly more nervous that I may have Celiac Disease (this relates, I promise!). All last week I only ate fruits and vegetables and beans... and my stomach seemed to finally be getting straightened out. When Kim visited this weekend, I ate a lot of various wheat products. Not so surprisingly, I have felt tired, irritable, and sort of queasy ever since. I have a scheduled blood test in October, but until then... I think I'm going to cut out wheat as much as possible (given that I am in cooking school). My body just felt better last week. Because my cousin has Celiac (it's genetic) and I have many of the symptoms... it just seems to make sense.

Cooking school was all lecture today, but it was really interesting! I had an herb and spice lecture in the morning, and then a bean and grain lecture in the afternoon. I feel like I'm getting a much better handle on what to use in my cooking for different occassions, for different health purposes, and for different tastes... it would have taken me months doing research in various cookbooks and from articles to find all of the information i got today in a few hours! I will have a portion on my midterm where I have to identify about 10 different spices by sight and smell, explain the difference between black beans and black soybeans, and talk about why steel cut oatmeal takes 40 minutes to cook instead of the few minutes rolled oats take... Hearing about tests like this crack me up. I have never had education like this in my life. It's amazing =-)

I made some yummy salsa when I got home and boiled an artichoke w/ some olive oil, salt, and garlic... vegetables, do your magic! I'm going to be sticking to fresh veggies and fruit, beans and nuts, tempeh, grains, and leafy greens. Cross your fingers for me! I will finger out this wheat free thing!!

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed soon... as sad as that is. I just don't feel great. Hoping some sleep will take care of that.

Much love!!