One week closer to chef-dom...

So yesterday was a beautiful and enlightening day at school. I spent the morning in Vegetable ID class, which consisted of Chef Borgia cooking vegetable after vegetable for us while explaining each one's significance, use, origin, health benefits, etc. I sort of felt like I was on the set of a cooking show, haha. She stood at the stove at the front of the class cooking and talking while her sautee pan filled with delicious food was being projected on a huge flatscreen TV above her head so that everyone could see exactly what she was doing.

This went on for about four hours... I ate so much food! It was like having a 12 course vegetarian meal! It was all really tasty and simple. I had had most of the vegetables before, but I did get a chance to try dandelion greens, jicama, daikon, morel and chanterelle mushrooms, and burdock root. Almost everything was either raw or just cooked in olive oil and salt and pepper so that the flavor was enhanced but still true to the vegetable itself. Super interesting stuff!

Because we have been having all of these classes where vegetables and fruits are being chopped or sampled, I have been getting bags and bags of food to take home everyday. The school can't reuse anything that has been peeled or cut up as it won't keep in the refrigerators. So I've had some interesting challenges the last few days, looking at all the ingredients and trying to figure out exactly what I could create that would use most or all of them. Wednesday night, notably, was a serious disaster. Someone else had packed the bag of veggies for me, and when I poured them all in a pot that I was going to make soup in... I didn't notice that there were probably 7 or 8 minced garlic cloves at the bottom. Needless to say, that soup was thrown out. But every meal that I have cooked at home since Tuesday has mostly consisted of food that I've brought home from school. Awesome for my wallet!

This morning gave way to the best soup I think I have ever made. Yesterday, I brought home two different types of mushrooms, onion, red pepper, butternut squash, and green beans- all beautifully chopped from Japanese Knife class! I sauteed everything in a little olive oil and salt and pepper, added some veggie broth, put the green beans in last after the squash had gotten soft..... DELICIOUS! I only used about 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 boullion cubes, and some salt and pepper of my own... and that soup is probably 2 or 3 more meals. I am at least glad that I'm getting so much food out of the tuition money that I handed over!

Nothing at all to do for the 3 day weekend... so I'm a little nervous that I'm going to end up being an anxious hermit. I am at least going to go out to a bakery around here and get a little bread for my soup. But hopefully I can muster up the courage to venture out to a museum or a park on my own. Get a little sun, you know? It's been raining here most of the week... and this weekend is supposed to be in the 70's and sunny! Yay!

Love you all!

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