Another End to Another Week


I can't believe the week is done... this one went by pretty fast for me! Friday is a half-day at school, so that certainly helps. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so the instructor told me to observe more than participate in the tofu/tempeh practicum. They don't really want anyone that is sick at all touching food, but it doesn't count against me as long as I'm there and observing.

However, in my "observing," my friend asked me to check on her rice that was baking in the convection oven. I took the pot out of the oven, was checking to see if there was water in it still, and then a girl starting walking toward me. The pot handle was sticking out past the countertop, so I went to turn the handle inward so she wouldn't burn herself.... and I grabbed the steel handle with my bare hand instead of my gloved hand. Yes, that would be 400 degree steel that I grabbed with my bare fingers....

The teacher rushed me into the hall to put my hand in an ice bath, then she rubbed my hand with salt and let it sit to "draw out the moisture and prevent blistering," and then put aloe vera and tea tree oil all over me. It hurt pretty bad... Needless to say, I did not end up going out to dinner with Catherine as planned. I also switched my Green Market shift with Melinda... so now I'm not doing the Green Market until August.

Here is a lovely picture of my hand about two hours after I burned myself...

It actually didn't hurt much at all last night. The skin just sort of felt dead... but it surprisingly didn't hurt like most burns do. This is what it looked like this morning... So much for the whole preventing blisters idea...

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a desperate craving for pancakes. So I spent the morning making gluten free, vegan pancakes and talking with Oya. It was nice because I never see her during the week... she's always at work!

After a leisurely breakfast, I headed out to meet my friend Jessica and go to the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg. Let me tell you... I have never seen so many hipsters in one place! Haha, it was amazing. I'm going to have to go back tomorrow because I was so overwhelmed with amazing DIY goods that I couldn't even consider buying anything... even though I wanted everything!

Love you all!!