Heat Wave!

New York City is seriously steaming hot right now... it's been almost 100 degrees for the past two days. Oya came home and saved my life last night. I had been sitting in our third floor apartment absolutely all day, and she didn't arrive home until about 11pm. Whining like only I can, I said something like, "I would kill someone to get an air conditioner right now..." And she replied with a nonchalant, "Oh, I have one in my room. I hate air conditioners. I never use it. Do you want it?" Can you believe it?? She helped me carry it into my room, and I promptly installed it in the window. This was all followed by a fabulous night of sleep in my beautifully airconditioned room. I love her!!

And boy did I need that good night of sleep! My day started off with a knife quiz. I had to answer questions about the history of knives, the material make-up of a series of modern knives, and then the sizing of various French and Japanese cuts of vegetables. I actually think I did really well, which is great since I mostly just studied on the subway this morning. The session also included some knife skills practice, which made me feel much better about my knife skills. She actually brought everyone over to look at my cutting board because my sautee sliced onion was "beautifully thin" and I had done "an exceptional job." Yay for me!!

As the day heated up, I got to be inside in the climate controlled school building... which was the only plus for the rest of the day. My afternoon consisted of 4 straight hours of lecture with the aboslute worst instructor. Our lecture was on "Whole Food Dynamics" which apparently is a fancy title for chi and Chinese Medicinal theory. I don't think I have ever sat through anything so tedious, confusing, and boring at the same time. All I can say is I'm glad it's over.

Before I headed home, I went into the placement counselor's office to ask her about my internship. I've been wanting to email a couple of restaurants about interning, but I wasn't sure what to ask/disclose. She mentioned that I should have a resume of culinary skills ready in case they asked for one. When I said that I didn't really have any experience, she said I should wait until later in the program so that I could write my stewarding hours, etc. down on my resume and have her look at my layout... I'm kind of bummed. I really wanted to start planning and get the process of figuring out life after culinary school underway. BUT I also don't want to have to explain why I don't have any sort of resume at all if these restaurants ask for one.

There was one good piece of news that she gave me though! I mentioned that Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine in Columbus (this amazing high-end vegan restaurant with its own urban garden, catering space, and soon-to-be bakery) was one of the places I was interested in, and she said they had contacted her a while ago about interns... but no one really wanted to go to Columbus, so she hadn't gotten back to them. She said I would have a pretty good chance of heading out there if I wanted to since I wouldn't have a lot of competition AND they had heard of the school and had been interested previously. Yay!!!!

My incredibly long day was capped off by me bending over on the subway to put something in my bag... the train pulling away from the platform... and me completely misjudging my balancing ability and falling over someone's lap while simultaneously grabbing her shoulder. I have never been so embarrassed! I apologized like 8 times, and the woman was absolutely cracking up. She assured me that it was OK and told me to sit down next to her before I "wiped out again." Oi...

Tomorrow I learn all about seitan!!! (A meat substitute made from wheat gluten). Soooo excited! My wheat free diet will be on a little break as I feel I should be trying all of these foods since I am at cooking school. Hopefully my stomach won't freak out..

Love you!!