Finally! Natural Gourmet Revealed!

So this past weekend was great. I got to visit with Uncle Mark and family and also Mom, Bob and co. It was really nice to just hang out with family and not be thinking that I need to fill my day and not be such a lonely bum. Also, it's always fun to just be around Lex and Bran when I haven't seen them in a while. They just like cuddling and asking me questions and being cool little kids. It was refreshing =-)

As school started again this week, I prepared for the last bit of animal proteins. I had to tackle eggs, and I participated fully in all of the egg-sploration! Yesterday we went over basic cooking techniques like scramble, soft and hard boil, poach, omelet, and hollandaise/mayonnaise. We basically covered all savory uses of eggs.

I know you all have been dying to see pictures of some food, right? I mean, after all.... this is supposed to be a blog about cooking and cooking school! Sooooooo... I brought my camera into school today! And lucky you, it was egg tech II. That means we made things with eggs that are sweet.... meringues, custards, and souffles! Very impressive for pictures, haha.

Away we goooooo:

The beautiful kitchen for the newest class at the Natural Gourmet Institute

Ah yes... the super sexy uniform. Haha, I'm not winning any beauty contests anytime soon in this outfit. BUT I know you were all curious.

Chocolate souffle! We made various sizes. Here's a litttttle one

BIG one

Creme Anglais to top off our chocolate souffle!

Vanessa and Aviva dig in!

This clown spilled all over herself! I <3 you, Aviva!

Sherry decided to dump her souffle into a bag to bring home for her house guests... I love these people, haha!

Love you alllllll!