Food Pictures!


My weekend in Western Mass was pretty awesome. Ty and I made a bunch of really yummy food. I also attempted to make some soymilk... I don't think I simmered it for long enough. It probably should have reduced more? I don't know... it was pretty water-y tasting, and it could've used a tid bit more sweetener. I hope Ty puts it back on the stove at some point and fidgets with it a little more. We also had a slight catastrophe with a batch of homemade seitan... but after whipping up a new batch with vital wheat gluten, it all turned out alright. It was really nice to be out of the city and just hanging out for a few days with good people.

So after I got back from my weekend, I was super tired. Hence my lack of posting. However, I am back and have a whole huge batch of pictures of school to post!

Though I've been having lots of classes about how to plan a balanced menu (based on flavor, season, color, texture, shape... and yes, the 5 phases of Chinese medicine ::cough::), how to price food for recipes, and how to write recipes.... this week has been dominated, in terms of hands-on classes, by presentation. We've been learning how to create an attractive, visually appealing plate, how to garnish food and how to create beautiful decorative accents. So what better week to post pictures of food?!

"Food as Art" class: Chef Alex having us plate an appetizer and then an entree.... and then tearing them apart and telling us how contrived or unappetizing they look, haha

Some examples

Sean and I were partners. Here's our appetizer: Chard stuffed mushrooms with a red wine reduction

And our entree: Tempeh scallopini with a curried millet cake and haricot verts

Salads II with Chef Jay! Fancy, right? We can watch the instructor on TV when we're 5 feet away! Haha, just like a cooking show

Some lovely salads

Garnishing class: Learning how to use the French Mandolin from Chef Jay- trying to make potato gaufrettes (like waffle fries but super, super thin)


A rose made out of a tomato skin! *This was very difficult, haha

Nicole, fine motor skill master, hard at work on a radish toad stool (did I mention that by this time we all got bored and were making crazy things out of our food?)

Wendy's radish mouse, haha

Vanessa was by far the most distracted. Here is her piece entitled "party animal"

She also created a slightly inappropriate sculpture to cap off my garnishing experience, haha

Until next time, friends! XO