I need to detox...

So as my 2 straight weeks of baking nears a close, my body is begging for a drastic change. I have never felt this awful... except maybe when I had that kidney stone and felt like I couldn't walk for a few weeks after. I mean, I feel terrible. Last week was entirely sweets, and this week has been mostly devoted to bread of all forms with a few sweets thrown in for good measure.

Being that I'm pretty sure I have a wheat intolerance of some kind, I knew this was not going to be pretty. What I didn't anticipate was the horrible sugar overload that would cause my body to slow down, gain weight, get massive headaches, and feel generally depressed about life. So this proves it: bread is the devil. It's like what I imagine cocaine does to people. I cannot stop eating it once I start. I love it too much... it borders on obsession. I have no choice. I just shouldn't eat it all.

And so, after eating so much bread during bread making class that I almost threw up (we're talking probably 2 LOAVES of bread...), I have realized how serious this bread problem is. I couldn't eat anything for almost 24 hours after bread day... so as not to disturb my horribly upset tummy, and I actually had to stay home from school the next day to recover.

Thus, I have decided to make a big change. I know I have said this a million times- and for those who I have said it to in the past, you are probably shaking your head right now- but I am going to start a regular exercise routine. I'm also going to up my vegetable intake so that it's about double what it is now so that hopefully I won't be as hungry after I've eaten all the vegetables I have prepared for myself- cutting down on munching on the things that I shouldn't be eating. This isn't about weight, though I would certainly love to lose some- this is about making my energy level, mood, and general well being improve. I need to detox, friends. I surrender- baking has gotten the best of me. Wish me luck!!