Almost done!!

Wow, I've really been slacking off on this blog... sorry about that, friends! I'm just so tired... and busy!

Well, I thought I would put everyone's fears aside: Friday Night Dinner went fabulous last week! I have never done anything so stressful, so exhausting, so frustrating... but also so rewarding! We fed over a hundred people! And we did it with a crazy menu that most of the staff thought was a crazy (and probably stupid) idea because of the amount of work and risk involved (especially with the homemade pasta).

Mom, Bob, Ty, Uncle Bill and Aunt Lori all came to support me, and it just turned out super well. It was awesome hearing all the feedback from the dining room. Apparently people were eating every morsel on their plates, slurping the broth from our entree, and picking up the margarita glasses with the sorbet in them and drinking every last drop of melted sorbet. So so so so flattering. I couldn't ask for more!

Here are some photos from the night:

Eggplant sachets stuffed with pinenut ricotta, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and basil

Baby arugula and mache salad with roasted fennel, radishes, and candied walnuts with a tangy tarragon-mint vinaigrette

Mushroom stuffed angolotti in a white bean and spinach broth

Trio of pomegranate, lemon-thyme, and orange-fennel sorbets with a carob dipped pizzelle cigar

The rest of this week was spent packing up my apartment so I could move out to my Aunt and Uncle's house in New Canaan, CT for the rest of school. My sublet ended, so I am going to have to commute from now on. Better than being homeless, haha. I moved out officially today, so here I am at Uncle Mark's updating the ol' blogger.

In other good news, I finally finished all of the Twilight books... so my life is mine again! Haha, I loved them... but I am so happy to be free and be able to go to sleep at a normal hour instead of staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning reading because I just couldn't put the book down. Though, don't get me wrong. I highly recommend them!

OK, more soon, guys! Goodnight!