Let's Do It Ourselves!

Ash tabling with Dandie at M. Market
One of my very favorite things has always been attending AND taking part in DIY craft/vintage/vinyl sales. What could be better than strolling past tables and tables of peoples' quirky art and collections?! My sale of choice is Mass Market in Boston, MA, put on by the lovely Lindsey, photographer extraordinaire. When I first transitioned from shopper to seller, I took part as a craft vendor- just as myself and also as part of Dandie in the Underworld (RIP: DIY consignment store *and my personal favorite store* that existed in Northampton roughly from 2007-2009).

Then I moved on to being a craft and FOOD vendor. This was a risky move made right before I went off to cooking school. Tyler and I had been thinking about how every time we'd been to a sale, the vendors are always starving! And lots and lots of them are vegan. So basically you end up with 50+ vendors that are starving and grumpy or scrounging up whatever fast food is sort of nearby the site. We thought we could come up with a few snacks that would sell by default because even if not a single shopper bought anything, the vendors would probably sell us out. We made maple, mustard seitan sandwiches on focaccia, homemade salsa and chips, Israeli couscous salad with sweet potato and dried cranberries, and peanut butter cookies with drizzled chocolate... all vegan. And boy oh boy did we sell out! I was in love with cooking more than ever before...

Old flier!
The other day, I got an email from a new sale- one that I have never taken part in or even been to. But I sure have heard flattering rumors, and it looks amazing (via the internet, anyway)! I thought participating would be a GREAT way to get my name out to my desired audience of young, vegan/vegetarian, soon-to-be-married's. And so I am ecstatic to announce that I will be taking part in the Rock 'n Roll Yard Sale in Providence on October 3rd. This sale is put on by the owners of What Cheer? Antiques and Vintage.

I've been designing display tables in my mind since I secured a spot... I'm envisioning something super eye-catching, tall with cascading cupcakes of various flavors all over the place. Mmmmmmm...  And since Tucker Gorman (Tyler's extremely talented brother who is into green design/architecture and more recently woodworking) is designing and building an awesome, wooden cupcake stand (think this  ^  basic shape but of beautiful exotic woods: ), I think that will totally be within reach! Stay tuned for updates on this particular endeavor... And hopefully I'll see some of you perusing the sale!!