Molly and Jared's Wedding

When first asked to make cupcakes for a wedding, I was extremely nervous... What if they weren't everything they dreamt they would be?? But I pushed myself even though I was worried and uncomfortable, and let me tell you something that I finally figured out... I can DO this, people! These situations bring out my anal retentive, detail-oriented personality and drive me to make everything look exactly how it is in my head... and for once, this really works to my advantage. I suddenly just knew that even if I had to stay up all night for a week, those cupcakes would be done and beautiful enough to make me proud. They just would be... because this is ME we're talking about. And that is how I found my confidence. Hello, Confidence! I have missed you!

After baking for an entire day (we're talking from 11am until 11pm), Tyler and I packed up my kitchen and all of the food supplies. We drove our little car north through Vermont and into New Hampshire to the tiny town of Lyme. Here we got a little lost... but we eventually found the Dartmouth Skiway, an adorable ski lodge where Molly and Jared had created the most breathtaking reception area I have ever seen. The rustic wooden beams were strung with simple white lights. The tables were lit by moss green candle sticks. The main decorative table pieces were tree branches adorned with patterned paper cranes. :: Sigh:: Simple, beautiful, unique... it seemed completely representative of the quirky, stylish, and artistic couple that I felt I had gotten to know throughout the wedding planning process (albiet via email).

Tyler and I were ushered to the kitchen by a smiley and welcoming Jared, and we got to work straight away. I whipped up a batch of homemade caramel and set it out to cool. And then we started in on the lime buttercream for the Mojito cupcakes. Tyler, such a trooper, zested a million limes and sorted through boxes and boxes of mint to find suitable mint leaves for garnish. After I piped all of the frosting on the cake, I drizzled a bit of glaze over them and stuck a mint leaf on top. Voila! Mojito Cupcakes: Lime infused cake dipped in a minted rum glaze and topped with a lime buttercream frosting and fresh mint.

Then came time for the Raspberry Clove cupcakes. Let me tell you, folks... This cake has been the bane of my existence. Seemingly countless recipe tests to get this thing right. But after much tweaking and many substitutions, it finally came out amazing! We whipped up my new and improved spiced buttercream and set to work frosting. As I piped, Tyler placed two fresh raspberries on each cake to finish them off. These were definitely showstoppers in terms of presentation. Raspberry Clove Cupcakes: Raspberry infused cake topped with a spiced buttercream and two fresh raspberries!

Next we dipped the dulce de leche cupcakes in the homemade caramel and let them set. Then I piped on some vanilla buttercream frosting while Tyler drizzled more caramel over the top. Gooey goodness!! Dulce de Leche Cupcakes: A rich, moist cake dipped in caramel with vanilla buttercream and caramel drizzle.

Finally, we started on the Mexican chocolate. Tyler filled each cake with chocolate whipped cream as I piped the chocolate frosting onto the top. We then sprinkled each cake with dark chocolate shavings. Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes: Slightly spicy chocolate cake filled with chocolate whipped cream and topped with chocolate cinnamon frosting and dark chocolate shavings.

 Once we had finished, we placed little flags that Molly and Jared had made on half of the cakes. The flags displayed musings on love from authors and songwriters of note.
When it was time to set the cakes out, Tyler and I discussed our game plan. We thought we should put out half the cake and refill as necessary. The table had been set up with a plain burlap cloth and wooden platforms of varying heights. A friend of the couple had made the platforms, and they made the display look incredibly dynamic. The cupcakes were set out according to flavor. A large tree branch was in the middle of the display, tying it into the decor of the rest of the room. It really looked amazing.

As we put out the cake, I was so so nervous... I guess just about putting myself out there for the first time. How would people react?? What if the requested flavors were too exotic or intimidating for this large crowd??

The wedding photographer was all over them
But very quickly people approached us, gushing about how great the cakes looked... how excited they were to try them! I couldn't believe all the compliments. Quite a few people took my business cards!

I was so proud! I felt like I could finally relax. I had a drink and watched the admirers. Such a relief!

The bride and groom "cut" the cake (or rather shoved a cupcake each into each others' beaming faces!), and then the mob descended. About thirty seconds after they began taking cake, two of the flavors were completely gone. Tyler and I set out to refill... but Tyler, who had the chocolate cake, was mobbed on his way back to the table. They were taking cupcakes directly out of his bin! After we had refilled everything, we just stood back and watched as the cakes were devoured. The party was great- everyone was talking and laughing. There was even contra dancing! It was a joy to be a part of, truly.

There were definitely leftovers, but as Tyler and I packed up to leave (believe me, we were EXHAUSTED) people were steadily packing them into take-home boxes as they too got ready to head home. Such a beautiful and satisfying experience! Thank you so much, Molly and Jared, for including me in your day! Thank you to Jen Williams for recommending me to the couple and for being an amazing friend and support system as I build my little business!!