Recipe Testing Begins

I have officially landed another wedding gig. Very, very exciting!! Somehow, via word of mouth, my name was passed as a result of the last wedding (Molly and Jared's). A friend of a friend tried a cupcake and mentioned my name to this current client.. and here we are! It's a very unusual situation: The wedding is on the 11th of September (so soon!!), and they would like me to use a couple of family recipes that they had planned on using. At first this may seem like less work... but let me tell you, recipes are never written for the same oven/equipment/etc. Especially when they are family recipes. SOOO I got right to work today testing them out... and to mixed results (as is expected on a first run). However, now I know what I'm working with. And I have a few ideas on how to tweak them for the tasting that I have scheduled for next week.

Banana cake with chocolate ganache

Chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting