What's in a name?

Dear Readers,

I need your help. As I organize myself  and continue to make everything professional and legal, I find myself needing a name for my little business. This is what I have been dreading since I decided to really go for it and start advertising myself. I hate coming up with names for anything... I remember  desperately searching the faces of my group-mates in middle school every time the teachers inevitably split everyone into groups. We would have 4 or 5 kid in each group, and for SOME reason the teachers always thought making up a "team" name and logo would make whatever science or math or history project we would soon be doing more fun. They seemed to be under the impression that this was a bit of reward-in-advance for the hard work we would soon be doing. My mind would always be blank. And if I did eventually spit out whatever name was kicking around in my mind, it was usually met with rolling eyes or scoffing giggles. Embarrassment.

And so I haven't thought much about naming this business at all. However, my amazing step-mother has been working on a contract for all of my potential clients to fill out. She used to do private practice as a lawyer in Massachusetts, often dealing with small businesses. She is a life saver, truly. I had not even considered many of the things she's brought to my attention. I digress... She thinks it's important for me to have a name that we can later register, and I agree. But now that means that I have to come up with a name...

On the drive back to Maine last weekend with Tyler, we started free-association brainstorming with the word "cupcake." This turned into a game of insert-"cupcake"-into-any-movie/band/album-title-you-can-think-of. In fact, the game is so fun that we played later that night with my sisters. You should try it! Here are some of our gems:
What's Eating Gilbert's Cupcake, A Cupcake to Remember, The Day After Two Cupcakes, The Hannah Montana Cupcake, Schindler's Cupcake, Bill & Ted's Excellent Cupcake, Cupcake Academy 3: Mission to Moscow, Raiders of the Lost Cupcake, Night of the Living Cupcakes, Beastmaster 2: A Portal Through Cupcakes, The Time Traveler's Cupcake, The Girl Who Played with Cupcakes, The Cupcake Who Played with Fire, Blazing Cupcakes, Three Men and a Cupcake, Three Cupcakes and a Little Lady, The Secret of Nimh (It's Cupcakes!), One Fine Cupcake, The Man Without a Cupcake, The Maltese Cupcake, Dr. Cupcake or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cupcake, Once Bitten Cupcakery, My Best Friend is a Cupcake, It's a Wonderful Cupcake, Are We Not Cupcakes?, New Traditionalists Cupcakery

The list goes on and on and on... But hey- a couple of interesting prospects came out of our game! And I would love your opinions! We narrowed the mostly silly list down to two names that we actually like. If you would, comment and tell me which you like best. Or suggest something else if you have an idea!

1.) The Brave Little Cupcake
2.) Adventures in Cupcakes

Thanks, Everyone!