Experimentations with Fermentation

We were recently inspired to try our hand at making our own ginger beer. A good friend of ours made his own last week, and by Tyler's account, it was delicious! Fermented fare is something that neither of us has much experience with, so Tyler did a little research and also picked our friend's brain about the process. Feeling excited and confident, he headed to the Tuesday Market (our local farmer's market that just so happens to be run by our farm, Town Farm) to grab fresh ginger and apple blossom honey. Did you know that fresh, fresh ginger does not have that dried brown skin on it?? I had no idea! It's beautiful- white and purple! Who knew? Add a lemon and some Champagne yeast (easily purchased at a local beer and wine making store) to that equation, and you've got the makings of ginger beer! 

  • Clean mason jars: check! 
  • Shredded ginger, some honey, a squeeze of lemon, and a few granules of yeast: check! 
  • Cold water: check! 
  • Close tight, keep in a cool-but-not-too-cool place, and check occasionally for too much pressure build up... in about 3 days, you *should* have delicious ginger beer! 
Check back for our review and notes on what we might do different next time :) Keep your fingers crossed for those little yeast granules to eat up all that honey and make lots of bubbly carbonation for us to enjoy.