Fermentation Update

So just to update any curious readers interested in making their own ginger beer.... Unfortunately, our first attempt was a bit unsuccessful. I promise when we get it perfect, I will post a good recipe. But geez, ours just turned out a bit flat, a bit strong, and wayyyyy too savory.

The fermentation process itself was touch and go, which should have been our clue-in that something was a little wacky. First we weren't building up any carbonation, then too much... and then the seals of the mason jars burst and we lost about 1/3 of our liquid... Oi, one thing after another. However, I think we have a new game plan. For next time: More honey, storing them lid down to create more of a seal, and releasing pressure on a time-regulated basis.

We're on the right track! More updates to follow as we go for round 2!