New "Bling"

Some of you may have noticed some new features added to the side column of the blog. Probably anyone who did notice assumed that I was just trying to make a buck by putting a few ads on here... but in fact, the new "bling" consists of two very useful websites dedicated to compiling food related information and making it at-the-ready for internet users.

First is the Foodie Blog Roll, which is fairly self explanatory. The site has, as of this morning, 8864 blogs listed for users to peruse. It provides bloggers with food-interested readers that are able to access their blog via search engine. And it provides readers with a plethora of recipes, cooking debacles, and food reviews for personal entertainment, education, and just plain old fun.

The second, perhaps more confusing link is to The small, flashing picture box on the side of my blog is actually a porthole to a stockpile of food-dedicated blogs and also an amazing resource for menus and recipes. This website is based in France and has a huge international user-base, so any of you who like trying out exotic recipes- this is the site for you! There are a few obnoxious ads on this site (flashing lights, even some sound)... But you can avoid these for the most part, and the site content makes it totally worth it.

I love me a free recipe, so I hope I provided some new internet to explore for any like-minded readers :)