The Storm in My Brain Rages On

I am currently brainstorming cupcake flavors to bring with me to the Rock n' Roll Yard Sale in Providence on October 3rd. I've tried to think back on flavors that were huge hits and then also some new flavors that will showcase the season. Here's a sneak peek at what I'm considering so far...

Mexican Chocolate * Raspberry Lime-ade * Pumpkin Spice Chai   Dulce de Leche * Chocolate Peanut Butter * Lemon Macadamia

    Also, keep your eyes out for a little feature on The Cupcake Blog on Friday, September 10th! My raspberry clove cupcakes from Molly and Jared's wedding will be showcased; so exciting!! I love looking at all the cupcakes posted on The Cupcake Blog- really great for inspiration. I am so honored to be included!

    Finally, update on the name game: Many of the names that I've been liking are already taken, either by a registered trademark or by an established URL. This has been giving me a huge headache. BUT I am liking The Brave Little Cupcake and Brave New Cupcake(s). Brave New Cupcake is a bakery in Amsterdam that has already taken the URL, but I still like Brave New Cupcakes. I feel like it's strong, edgy, and a great reference in terms of making a statement about re-invention. So I'm still mulling but definitely leaning.
    XO for now!