Children's Museum at Holyoke

Recently, I have been brainstorming ways to pass the word on about my cupcakes to surrounding towns, and my connection with the Children's Museum at Holyoke proved to be just the ticket. I worked there for a couple of years as an educator and birthday party facilitator, and it turned out that the Executive Director needed a hand with refreshments for an upcoming Chamber of Commerce event that she had agreed to host. Beyond excited, I volunteered myself as cupcake caterer... and voila! Brave New Cupcakes was added to the roster. Hello Holyoke, Chicopee, South Hadley, etc.!

And Wednesday night turned out to be more of an opportunity than I had any right to imagine. This mysterious "event" was actually a networking night, and I had access to all of Holyoke's professionals! 70 mini cupcakes and 50 business cards later... I was one happy camper! To anyone in attendance that night who might be reading this: Thank you so much for the warm welcome, your curiosity and compliments, some great conversation, and most of all your appetites!

The list of flavors included (from left to right above) maple apple, raspberry lemonade, chocolate strawberry, spiced chocolate, and pumpkin chai. All were made in mini form to accommodate the flow of the event.

Wednesday was also the unveiling of these beautiful babies: Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes. These were minis, but they can also be made in standard size. Moist chocolate cake filled with a berry whipped cream and topped with a light and airy vanilla and chocolate frosting. Can't forget the fresh strawberry garnish and chocolate shavings!

One last thank you to marypaz, the Executive Director of the Children's Museum! I had a blast, and I hope to work with you all more in the future!