Flywheel Flea Market

The Flywheel Flea Market turned out to be a much smaller event than anticipated (think Brave New Cupcakes being one of two vendors...), BUT the silver lining to this is that just about every customer bought a cupcake! Hopefully I will be participating in more of these flea markets in the future (they are held every second Sunday of the month), and I volunteered to recruit more vendors for next time. So if you cook or craft or collect and are interested in tabling, get in touch with me!!

My dear friend Sarah came today to help me out, and it was so great to see her! She hadn't sampled any of my cupcakes yet, so I had a lot of fun showing her what I'd been up to. The day ended up being surprisingly relaxing and successful. Tons of friends stopped by to chat and snag some cupcake flavors they hadn't tried yet. Thanks, guys!! And best of all, we only went home with a handful of cupcakes. ::Sigh:: Great, great day.

I also had the chance to debut the mini cupcake! I have an event coming up soon that requires mini versions of a current cupcake flavor, and I wanted to test out converting a recipe.
Voila! Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Tyler was very pleased