Holiday Orders

Hello All!
Sorry for the little break from blogging. I was just relishing the last burst of warm weather the Pioneer Valley has been experiencing the past few days. 75 degrees! I just couldn't resist. Fall is just my favorite. Not to mention my computer has finally bitten the dust, and I am relying on borrowing computers to update the blog... But that is a story for another time.

I wanted to fill you all in on an exciting tidbit! For both Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, I will be traveling up to Maine. So if anyone in Boston or Southern Maine (or anyone on the way to either) would like to order cupcakes, I would be happy to deliver.

The first round of cupcake delivery will be the 20th and 21st of November. All Boston-ites will have to be OK with getting their orders on the 20th, as I would be stopping in before heading onward to Maine.

The second round will be the 23rd and 24th of December, with Boston drop-off being the 23rd.

Anyone interested should email me ( or leave me a comment on this blog with their information at least 2 weeks prior to the drop-off date. I will be in touch regarding further details. Payment can be made by cash or check the day of delivery (made out to Ashley Barton).
  • 1 dozen regular size cupcakes: $30 (either one flavor or 6 each of a flavor); 1/2 dozen is $18 (only 1 flavor)
  • 2 dozen mini-cupcakes: $24 (please order at least 2 dozen minis); 1 flavor or a dozen each of a flavor

Choose a flavor combination previously advertised on the blog or create your own combination from below (and if you have an idea for a flavor I don't have listed, let's talk!)

chocolate (plain, spiced, or almond)
spice cake
raspberry lemon
lemon macadamia
dulce de leche

maple apple
chocolate cinnamon
chocolate peppermint
lime buttercream
dulce de leche
chocolate whipped cream
raspberry clove
peanut butter

Glazes and Dips:
rum glaze (also with mint for mojito)

apple butter
peanut butter
whipped cream (chocolate, mint, berry, lemon, etc.)

Flavors on the drawing board and being tested for the holidays (available December only): 
Hot cocoa
Peppermint Stick

EDIT: Have already gotten a couple of inquiries. Indeed I do decorate for the holidays! Colored icings, special garnishes, glitter, you name it!

p.s. Also keep in mind that I will be participating in MassMarket in Boston on Sunday, December 12th. More blogging on that to follow.