I love getting baking inspiration from non-food related sources. Don't get me wrong, I adore flipping through beautifully laid out cookbooks and scouring food blogs for glossy photos of towering layer-cakes. I just also love when a fresh idea presents itself in an unexpected place.

My favorite wedding blog, Snippet & Ink, always has amazing color collages and photo montages from (incredibly stylish) real couples at their weddings. I love seeing what other peoples' weddings look like. It's such an intimate look at a relationship and what it might look like if it were a visual piece of art. My cupcake catering needs to look and feel fresh, trendy and chic, and this site gives me an idea of what is current. Plus, the color combinations translate in my head not only visually (cake decorating) but also as flavor combinations. These birthday cupcakes I made last weekend for Maia's birthday were totally inspired by one of her photo collages.

Self-portrait of Jenny in her fab house
Jenny Mitchell has a great eye for color and design, and her blog over at Frecklewonder provides me with a daily dose of design inspiration. The vintage she sells, the posted pictures of her house, and her adorable 'What She Wore" posts about her kiddos all just make me smile. Patterns, shapes, colors... She creates a wonderland for the eyes. I even used several of the vintage fabrics from her shop to create my table display for the Rock 'n Roll Yard Sale.

Where do you all find your inspiration? Let's share ideas :)