Sneak Peek: Rock 'n Roll Yard Sale

These are from my superstar friend Matt's iphone. The lighting was terrible, as the event took place in a night club in Pawtucket, RI.... BUT it all went amazing!!! More to come, I promise! Stay tuned.

Also, if you live in Western Mass: Sold a lot of fancy, tasty cupcakes yesterday, but there are a bunch left (I just had no idea how many to make, thus overestimation was the word of the day)! EXTREME DISCOUNT MODE HAS BEGUN! Get 6 for $10 or a dozen for $15 (half price!). There are a bunch, but they're going fast, so get on it! AVAILABLE FLAVORS: Raspberry-Lemonade, Maple Apple, Pumpkin Chai, Spiced Chocolate! Comment, email, or call!