Birthday Parties are My Favorite!

This weekend, the nana said something eye-opening to me. My sister, mother and I were scurrying around preparing the house for my sister Lizzie's 21st birthday party, and Nana said, "I just think you should do this for a living." This simple phrase struck a chord because I sort of feel like that IS what I'm trying to do for a living! People, I love to make parties look more detailed, more authentic, more fun! I don't go halfway, and my cupcakes will help YOU not go halfway.

This whole party-mania started to catch people's attention last year for my sister Lexi's birthday. The poor thing was born on December 23rd, and she always has to forfeit making the day special because of the looming Christmas holiday. Friends can never come over... Relatives are busy... She gets a lot of dual x-mas/birthday presents. No good. We decided NOT THIS YEAR! And Operation: Fancy Pants Birthday was underway.

Myself and Lizzie showing off our fancy.
Boyfriend and his brother being amazing!

Lexi is a girly-girl through and through. Glitter, sparkles, frilly dresses... Not all the time, but definitely as an indulgence. And so we ran with it for the big number 9! Twinkle lights, hot chocolate in fancy tea cups, little tea treats from The European Bakery, and a full-on dress-up extravaganza! Could it get any better, I ask you?

Lexi strutting her stuff

This was before my cupcake endeavors began, but I bet you can imagine what the cupcakes would've looked like for this. I'm thinking minis, for sure. Decked out with edible glitter, lots of colors, fancy sugar tuiles, chocolate shards, you name it!

This time, we had Lizzie to consider in our party planning. Now Lizzie, to illustrate for you, wore rotting zombie-face flats for graduation last year. She would saw off an arm for a trist with Bruce Campbell. She is currently educating my 8 year old brother in classic horror films. And so, Zombie Fest it was.

Complete with make-up.
Close your eyes and imagine.... Everyone in rotting flesh-ified costume. Red lights. Halloween masks flashing spooky, colored lights from their eyes. Spider webs hanging from every which way and bugs and snakes strewn across the table and shelves. Red cocktails with eyeball drink stirrers. Old lady's finger bread sticks, gummy worms and bugs, and eerie colored-flame candles for blowing out at Happy-Birthday-Time.

Both zombies and victims. We go for realism.
All-age appropriate.

Not everyone dresses up, but EVERYONE has a good time!
I made red velvet cupcakes with zombie-green frosting covered in worms. Mmmm! Originally I planned to pipe frosting-brains on the red velvets, but you gotta stick to what you're good at. Piping photo-realistic decorations? Not my thing. Making classy cupcakes garnished with something theme appropriate? Now we're talking! If anyone has photos of the cupcakes, please send them over so I can upload them!

We're the best party planners ever! Let me help you add a little something special to YOUR party!!