Mass Market 7

Who here likes a good holiday craft sale? (Me! Me!!) Well, imagine the most quirky and talented group of people you can conjure all in one room selling their various artistic wares... and that is the crafty bliss of Mass Market.  I have either participated or shopped it for the last 4 years, and it NEVER disappoints. Vintage, jewelry, paintings, stuffed animals, vinyl, screen printing, photos, knit goods, delicious food.... you name it. It's all there. It is my absolute favorite holiday activity.

As described on their facebook page: Mass Market is a DIY (do it yourself) flea market where artists, crafters, clothing designers, jewelry designers, photographers record sellers, local bands, button makers, bookbinders, photographers, dj's, vegan and vegetarian bakers, and many others come together for a day of swapping, sharing, selling and buying art. Presented by Lindsay Metivier, co-produced by Brian Butler/The Upper Hand Art. 

Brave New Cupcakes will be participating in Mass Market 7 on Sunday, December 12th from 11am-5pm in the Mass Art gym. Think a ridiculous spread of classic and holiday themed cupcakes. All vegan. All delicious. Pencil me in!