Edy's Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday to my best little girl in Northampton!

 Edy is turning 5 (oh my goodness!), and she is having a fabulous party tomorrow! Attendees: prepare yourselves for some serious play in a serious cardboard box town constructed by her Papa and my Tyler!

Miss Edy and I go way back... I babysat for her (only 8 months old then!) when I was still at Smith College, then nannied for her and her brother Ascher on a more full-time basis, and now Mr. Tyler is their nanny, or "professional dad" as he likes to call it.

The little lady had very specific ideas about her birthday cupcakes, and I was only too happy to oblige. Her instructions were: chocolate cake, strawberry frosting, and "little candy canes." Done, done, and done!

Nothing says "Edy" like a pale pink frosting with gold glitter. "Golden" is her favorite color, after all.

Happy birthday, Love!