Holiday Sampler Packs

We are making a limited number of sampler packs. 
This includes 6 cupcakes:
1 chocolate peppermint 
1 eggnog
1 pumpkin chai 
1 chocolate peanut butter
1 raspberry lemonade
1 maple apple
There are   is 1 sampler pack left!! They cost $15 and can be picked up Monday evening after 4pm or Tuesday morning until 2pm (or will be at my parents' house in Maine the night of the 22nd). 
First come, first serve. Duke it out!
Edit: We are now SOLD OUT! Thanks so much to everyone! And please, I would love to hear feedback as to whether this type of thing is something I should offer in batches regularly. I have to do them in batches of 6 to make it viable, but auctioning them off this way once in a while is definitely a possibility.