Mass Market Mania!!

My right hand man at work.

Believe it or not, Sunday definitely started off on the wrong foot. Tyler actually woke up first... a bad sign. I had planned to get up around 6 am and shower, pack the car, pack lunches, THEN wake Tyler up and finish any incidental packing, etc. Leave by 8 at the very latest. Well, 7:35 is when Tyler's alarm finally woke me up. Not good. And so I jumped out of bed, threw on clothes, and stumbled downstairs. Tyler always takes a little longer than is desired to get ready... So I still did all of my tasks on my own. In the freezing rain.  Including peanut butter-ing his english muffin and shooing him out the door. 8:20 departure. Ugh.

It did not get better when we finally arrived at Mass Art. No parking near the door. Long walk in the even heavier rain. No table available inside. Wow, really? Please, someone make this day better immediately!! But Lindsay Metivier's (head honcho of Mass Market and amazing photographer) assuring and friendly smile warmed my humbug attitude instantly. She took the reigns, found a table, and had us setting up within ten minutes. Thanks, Lindsay!!

Look at how cute he is with the customers!!
Twenty minutes later, Tyler had carried most of my stuff in from the car, parked the car in a mysterious far-away parking lot, and was back to help me finish setting up. What a guy. Earlier mistakes forgotten! The table looked fabulous, if I do say so myself. Polka dot table cloth, vintage cloth napkins, silver tulle, cupcake stands of various heights, handmade collage signs, cupcake lookbook... ::sigh:: I love doing this!

In the first ten minutes of being set up, we were approached by a girl who had been a vendor at the Rock 'n Roll Yard Sale a couple of months back. She was adorable. She said something to the effect of, "You're cupcakes are the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. My friend and I have been talking about them since Pawtucket. We're going to buy a half-dozen!" ::Melt:: You're kidding me. Best way to start this sale.

Friend Justin dropping by for a taste of the new flavors.
We were steadily busy throughout the day. Friends upon friends upon friends showed up to support us (Thanks Amanda and Erin, Mike and Katie, Jen, Justin and Cody and Dan, and Chelsey!!). And one girl actually asked if she could just photograph the table. Then she caved and bought a cupcake, walked away, and actually came back and asked if she could photograph her cupcake ON my table (haha!).

What a day... Truly amazing. We heard innumerable compliments, met awesome people, saw old friends, and had an incredible time checking out the other super talented artists' wares! Can't ask for more than that. Plus, we sold 5 half-dozens to various people (a personal first!) and went home with only 2 cupcakes left (which were promptly bought up by Mr. Mike Benoit as soon as we got home). Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!!

Not a cupcake to spare?? Perfect planning is the best kind of satisfaction.