Transformative Nature of Entrepreneurship

I never in my life thought I would be interested in starting my own business. When I think of it even now my mind becomes overwhelmed with numbers and employees and tax complications and unreliable vendors... So intimidating! But interestingly, on a more micro level (keeping my mind on only this particular baking endeavor), none of those things seem an issue. I see the ultimate goal of providing quality tasting and looking products and being a happy, fulfilled baker. I'm unfailingly idealistic in my philosophy: Don't buy a special product for the one person who can't eat traditional baked goods. Buy a delicious product that everyone can enjoy and that pleases every palette! All those other things- they're just speed bumps. But the gentle kind that your car rolls over no problem. I can totally do this.

As someone who sometimes jumps into new projects without doing the proper legwork, I was originally worried I might be tempted to do the same with business. I have been known to cut fabric (sans measuring), sew everything together (without paying attention to straight lines ::gasp:: or how much space was on either side of my seam), only to find out that I have created an entire handbag mostly perfectly but that there isn't quite enough fabric for the lining. And so the perfect-on-the-outside bag has a huge hole on the inside for countless quarters and chapticks to disappear into forever, never to be found again. That girl now finds herself reading book after book about opening food-related business and the details of cake decorating. I get caught up in studying cost analysis, product packaging, and ways to negotiate rental prices for kitchen space. I have caused more than a few chuckles from coworkers at the movie theater as they pop in for their shift and I am behind the concessions counter furrowing my brow and furiously reading "Open Your Own At-Home Cake Business." What a turn-around!

The hardest part for me has been not getting discouraged about the time table. People are just not getting back to me about kitchen rentals. Unfortunately, securing a commercial kitchen rental is the key to getting everything else business-related in line. It holds the rest of my progress up and leaves me at a stand still. I try to remind myself that I have more and more orders all the time, I am doing a cupcake photo shoot in a couple of weeks with the talented and always adorable Justin Hahn, and I am in the process of building a really-real website with Miss Emily Keene (Tyler's awesome friend from Hampshire)... All of these things are such exciting and important steps! But the kitchen is still managing to bring me down. And so I pose to all of you lovely readers: If you know anyone who owns a restaurant open for limited days or hours or anyone who works at a church or hall that has a commercial kitchen, etc., please pass along their name. I need help!

Thank you to all of my supporters and shoulders-to-complain-on through this process. It has been tough but super rewarding so far. I learn more about myself every day. Onward and upward, I say!!