"You only make cupcakes? Good thing they seem to be all the rage!"

Garnishing our mojito cupcakes

"You should go on that show Cupcake Wars!"

Trendy, fashionable, "in," popular.... We hear this allllllll the time. You know, I have come to the conclusion that the word "trendy" is a toxic word. It inherently suggests a looming expiration date. Yes, we're trying to pull off a niche business with a definitive angle. We get it. But being told that we're clever because "cupcakes are so trendy right now" makes us nervous and doubtful of ourselves, like someday people will just have had their fill of cupcakes. Or like some new innovation will render them obsolete like the 8-track or the laser disk.... or worse, the terrine (a 1970's favorite)! But today I am feeling defiant and feisty, so prepare yourselves for my rant!

Brave New Cupcakes' first wedding!
Regardless of all the TV shows, blogs, and wedding must-haves... cupcakes are a GREAT ingenuity. I mean, come on- they're an independently-baked single serving of cake! But they're also fun because there's just SO much you can do with them! Layers and fillings and colors... And they're decorated individually, so you always feel special- getting your very own mini cake. At a wedding, they eliminate cake cutting fees and the worry that everyone need like the same flavor (not to mention the incredible added bonus of insane visual impact!). There are fewer complications with structure (full-size layer cakes can collapse on themselves, lean to one side, crack, droop, you name it...) and with transport. The point of this paragraph being that even when the "trend" goes south, I would hope the fact that the cupcake existed long before they were trendy, along with the inherent logic in their invention and design, would help keep them in relative demand (even sans TV shows).

As "themed" as our cupcakes get
Brave New Cupcakes doesn't cash in on the fondant-covered, trying-to-be-something-else cupcake... I have never once looked at a cake on Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss and said, "Wow, does that look delicious!" Instead I'm more fascinated by the artistic and architectural skill. I more likely said, "I can't believe they made such a convincing reproduction of that Old Bay Spice can!" or "That fire truck cake lights up and has a siren! That's crazy!" It's just a whole different ball game. One that we are definitely not trying to play. It does, however, beg a fairly philosophical question about why humans are drawn to food that looks so convincingly inedible.

An assortment of our flavors
We're going for simple, delicious, beautiful cupcakes that are exactly what they look like: mini gourmet cakes. We use fresh ingredients, strive for bold flavor, and try to create new and exciting combinations. We do not, and never will, head down the road of how-do-you-eat-this? decorations. This is, of course, not to say that making cakes like those mentioned above is bad or that they are not tasty; it's just not part of our personal mission. We're striving for something a little more classic: simple, elegant, and as telling of the flavors as possible. We know that good cake is good cake, and that's no fad that will die off anytime soon.

Perhaps that is where the "brave" part of our name comes in? We're daring to swim against the popular wave of fondant-covered everything? Or perhaps that's a stretch... But we like to think of ourselves as brave!