Chocolate: A Photo Montage

Today was filled with chocolate! If only every day could be, right? On my agenda: garnishes for the Oscars cupcakes. Cute chocolate stars of various types, all made from scratch. Have you ever melted and molded chocolate before? It can get complicated, and chocolate is finicky- burning, seizing, etc. But since I'm no expert, I kept it simple. You can get the basic idea from this little tour of my day. Try it at home!

First I set up a "double boiler" so the chocolate melts gently.

When properly melted, it looks like this! Shiny and smooth.

Then I let it cool just a bit and poured it into a piping bag.

Then I piped cute little star outlines!
I poured the rest onto a silicone mat.

And spread it all out nice and thin.

I let it harden a bit and then dusted it with edible gold glitter.

And used a little cookie cutter to make glittery stars!