"How do you think of these things?!"

Raspberry Clove (once a failed recipe, now scrumptious) Photo by J. Hahn
Whenever I eat something delicious, I immediately start to conjure ideas for cupcake translation. Sometimes this is ludicrous... Though I do love a challenge. And sometimes the ideas sound more delicious than I can even handle thinking about.This can be embarrassing, depending on where I might be daydreaming... Think oblivious "mmmmmm's" and maybe even a little drooling.

Over the holidays visiting with family, I had the most amazing brunch at Local 188 in Portland, Maine. They had a sweet crepe special that morning that was absolutely fated for my belly: crepes stuffed with poached pears, vanilla foam, chocolate mousse and toasted almonds topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprig of mint. The combination was incredible. Chewy crepe, light and fluffy mousse, bittersweet chocolate, sweet vanilla, earthy almonds with a crunchy bite, and the acid from the pears.... The texture and flavor combinations were dead on, but I also felt as if I had just eaten a nice light breakfast (ppfffft!). Quite a feat. C'était parfait!

And now all I can think about is vanilla cake filled with fresh pears and cream topped with fluffy bittersweet chocolate frosting and toasted almonds.... Despite my absolute lack of desire to ever eat cake again (become a baker, and you may understand the feeling), I would gladly partake in devouring this concoction! And spring is on its way, and so to should be some fresh cupcake flavors.

Recipe testing is in my future! But first, some sweet crepes this weekend (necessary for proper field research, obviously!) ::mmmmmm::