These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Do you ever just have those days where you find yourself browsing flickr or doing random blog searches to procrastinate? I am having that day... and it's just a shame. Because my to-do list is one hundred miles long. I haven't technically measured, but I'm really not grossly exaggerating. However, instead of finding distraction in the art and adventures of others, I've decided to peruse my own blog for motivation.

I am so thankful for all of the people and places and experiences I've had in my life that have taught me something, made me laugh, and reminded me what's really important. As I struggle to organize myself, get all the recipe testing done that really needs to get done, and get on top of this commercial kitchen search these days, I sometimes need a nudge to take a deep breath and appreciate everything. So today I am finding creativity and encouragement in the depths of my blogger picture cache! Ready, set, go!

Happy baby-faces full of sweetness and excitement!
Edy and Asch

Mr. Jack

Asch picking flowers!

Grown up Edy

Luke and Katie-lady

Dazzling people and places that I miss...
Brooklyn in the summer

Central Park

Scarborough marsh
Aviva in Seattle
Lisa and Andy in Colorado
Kitchen at Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen, Germany)
Kunsthaus, Berlin

 Food, food, food!
Tempeh and nori appetizers (culinary school)
Homemade gnocci (culinary school)
Chocolate cake!! (culinary school)
Lexi's birthday cupcakes
Mojito cupcakes
Maia's vanilla and strawberry "Under the Sea" cupcakes

I am one lucky girl. And as I sit here jotting down flavor ideas and sketching cake decorating designs, I hope you are, in turn, inspired by the lively and colorful people, places, and foods above. Have you noticed they are all spring, summer, fall related? ::Take a hint, Winter!!:: 

Love to you all on this beautiful day!