I have this vivid memory of a day way back when I lived in Brooklyn during culinary school. It was late August. Sticky hot. The air was stagnant, like a thick blanket. My friend Nikki and I decided it was the day to check out the vegan junk-food mecca Food Swings.

Now, I don't know if any of you have ever tried to get anywhere in Brooklyn from Brooklyn... but as awesome and extensive as the New York subway system is, this is one of its severe downfalls. All trains* run in and out of Manhattan (*There is one train running North/South in Brooklyn. The dreaded G...) Thus, to get from Park Slope to Williamsburg is... difficult, to say the least.

After a very long train ride, we found ourselves in Williamsburg wandering street after street that look the same. Walking, sweating, cursing.... We even crossed over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in our confusion. But we finally came upon a bright green doorway with the sign we had been looking for hanging above. And it didn't disappoint.

Even though the place is bursting with all the greasy, fatty foods that you have never even imagined attempting to make vegan, the highlight for me was my whoopie pie. A cookies and cream whoopie pie... a simple take on a classic. Crushed oreos make just about everything better, if you ask me. Light, fluffy chocolate cake with "cream" in the middle mixed with crushed oreos. Delicious, delicious, delicious. My only complaint was one that I often have with vegan frostings or creams: too oily. I try VERY hard to make this a non-issue with my cupcakes. Nothing is worse than feeling like there is an oil slick on your tongue.

I have been thinking about this particular whoopie pie as I plot possible flavors for Brave New Cupcakes. I really want to create flavors that are directly translated from my cupcake flavors but that appeal to people as cheaper, wrappable, mobile, less fussy versions. The only potential issue may be the fillings that I often incorporate into the center of the cake,  as the frosting becomes the filling with a whoopie pie. My current thought is to add a generous swirl throughout the frosting of whatever filling may be appropriate. Example: Raspberry Lemonade = Lemonade cake with raspberry lemon frosting swirled with smooshed fresh raspberries; Chocolate Covered Cherry = Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting swirled with cherry preserves and rolled in chocolate flakes. I will keep you all posted on any recipe testing, I promise!

How do people feel about the possibility of adding whoopie pies to the roster? Would people buy them?  XO