Ladyfest: A Smashing Success!

Day one of Ladyfest Easthampton started off a bit slowly for us. I ended up setting up in the main room where the bands would play and the workshops would take place. Which proved a bit awkward for cupcakes... It was dark, loud, and I was right next to the potluck table of free food. I mean, who wants a gourmet cupcake if there are free ones 5 feet to your left? Fair enough.

Yay! A customer!

We still sold cupcakes, don't get me wrong. But I was thinking that we were going to have to run a serious web special to get rid of the many, many cakes I had baked for the occasion. On the plus side, I got to see some cool bands play AND witness the circuit bending workshop I was so curious about (awesome!!). Tyler, good sport of the century and cupcake-ing assistant extraordinaire, got to make himself a contact mic and had a grand old time at this workshop.

Circuit bending wizards setting up!

Watching Lady Jam set up the backdrop for their set

Then came day 2....

I ended up asking to set up in the hall. It just made more sense to me to be out in the light, be in an area everyone had to pass multiple times to get in and out of the show space, and to set up somewhere that you didn't have to pay an $8.00 cover to get inside. And what do you know, it worked splendidly!

Look at that lighting!

By 8pm we sold out completely! Amazing, amazing, amazing!! We met so many awesome people, heard boatloads of completely heartwarming feedback about our product, and had a total blast hanging out at the Flywheel. We want to extend a huge THANKS and GREAT JOB to the Ladyfest organizers! Couldn't ask for anything better than to be a part of such an inspiring and empowering weekend. We would love to be a part of any event, if you'll have us- it was fantastic!