A Very Football Birthday

Yet another crazy birthday party at my family's house... Or rather, three crazy birthday parties. All in one weekend. Yes, it is a long story. But I have been fondly referring to it as "Three Parties in Three Days Weekend," and I have been stressed out of my gourd preparing for it.

Lady Gaga Party

I Love Football Party

BUT my life was made a teeny tiny bit easier by the simple fact that my dear mother and sister (2 of the 3 having birthday parties) do not like cake. "But doesn't that make you sad?" you say? "Don't you wish that they thought all of your baking creations were delicious?" Well, friends.... No. I do not. Because then I would be baking every day for free for every single family member of mine... and wow, do I have a huge family. So in this case, I was ecstatic to only make one batch of cupcakes for this three-party weekend.

Tori's stack of locally baked donuts for her Gaga Party

So without beating around the bush any further, take a look at this batch of football themed cupcakes to go with my little brother Brandon's football themed party. When asked about his flavor preference, he replied "twist cake with twist frosting." And so, chocolate and vanilla marbled cake with chocolate and vanilla marbled frosting it is. Happy to oblige!

Happy Birthday, little brother! You are pretty awesome.