Fall is nearly upon us...

Wow, what a bad blogger I have been! I really apologize. Things have been hectic and crazy and terribly non-cupcake related over here this past month. It is hard to muster up the motivation to bake and blog in sweltering heat and in the couple free hours between part time jobs. So goes the life of the young, aspring entrepreneur. I must master this delicate (aggressive?) balance.

But rest assured, dear eaters, that Brave New happenings are on the horizon!

Remember the Flywheel Arts Collective? Well, they are having a big old record fair on September 11th from 10am to 3pm, and yours truly will be there waiting to see all of your lovely faces. A lot of my friends will be selling records and wares at this event, so please please please pass on the word! And fall flavors debut, so bring those appetites.

They're bbaaacccckkkkk! And come check out our new flavor (not pictured): hot chocolate! Chocolate cake, marshmallow center... you get the idea.

Pumpkin Chai (now has a chocolate-covered candied ginger garnish)
Maple Apple (apple butter center, candied walnut garnish)