Maia's Birthday! Round 2

For the second year in a row, I have had the honor of making cupcakes for a very special little girl's birthday. My friend Laurie's daughter, Maia, is the cutest, sweetest little thing you ever did see. And let me tell you, her parties are never run of the mill (partly- or mostly- because of her mom's very creative and very detail-oriented nature).

Similar to last year's "Under the Sea" party, quite a few of Maia's party guests had food allergies. There were the typical dairy, egg and nut allergies... But this time we also added chocolate and soy allergies to the mix, which is a little trickier. I knew straight away that I had to go for a variety of cakes so there would be something for everyone.

For her 5th birthday, Maia decided to have friends over to her new house for a Charlie & Lola themed party. "But Ashley.... Kid shows," you say? "Sounds pretty typical," you say? Just wait, this theme gets a mite more specific. Maia is particularly infatuated with one specific Charlie & Lola episode: I Wish I Could Do That and also That Too. This episode has a little to do with a game played with beads and a lot to do with outer space. Beads in space themed cakes? OK, lady. You got it!

Vanilla cupcakes: dairy, egg, nuts, chocolate, and soy free

Chocolate truffle cupcakes: dairy, egg, and nut free

Cookies n' cream cupcakes: dairy, egg, and nut free

So happy to have been included in Maia's special day! Birthday parties are my absolute favorite, so I would love it if you'd help me spread the word. I offer specially decorated dozen like the ones above as well as decorate-your-own dozens with an activity element (you can read all about this here).