First Baby Shower!

I just love doing sampler packs. They are fun to put together and to see the excitement in the customers that they get to try all kinds of new flavors, but the samplers also allow me to get the word out to people who I would normally not reach. Because the holiday samplers were, in many cases, given as holiday gifts, I have already gotten a few brand new customers.

In fact, I made my very first baby shower cupcakes today! I was pretty excited about this. It's always a challenge to decorate my cakes with a theme as I often like to go for a simple, artisan look. I don't use fondant or prefabricated decorations. The flavors chosen for this shower made it especially hard (raspberry clove and chocolate truffle) because I couldn't do the obvious and dye the frosting any nice shade of pink.

But I think I came up with some creative ways around it all...

Hand-piped, white chocolate hearts and stars!