Holiday Sampler Pack Success!

Vanilla Eggnog

Pumpkin Chai

Chocolate Peppermint

A huuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to all the customers who ordered Holiday Sampler Packs this year! We got double the amount of orders compared to last year, and my kitchen was FULL. Just like we like it.

I just have to paste a few of the beautiful, lovely, amazing comments that I was emailed after all the deliveries went out... Just because I still tear up that people go out of their way to send me little reviews.

"The cupcakes were a big hit. Thanks again!"

"THOSE WERE THE BEST CUPCAKES I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I tried the pumpkin chai and the eggnog and I must have died and gone to heaven!!!! The texture is perfect! The taste is exquisite! And they are so beautiful to look at too!"

"Thanks Ashley! My sisters loved your cupcakes! They said it was so pretty! :) "

"Not only were they dairy-free, but they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL, oh my and
with the gold glitter too...and completely melt-in-your-mouth

You all are too kind. And adorable. I mean, seriously... <3