Romance and Chocolate

Been hard at work thinking about potential ways to bring added creativity and mouth-watering flavor to this year's Box of Chocolates samplers. Valentines was my favorite sampler last year because we reached a whole new audience. Even saw some faces I haven't seen since high school!

Brave New Cupcakes has truly grown in the past year. I want this year's sampler to really express that to the customers. You all are very special to me, and you certainly deserve the most special possible cakes I can provide. And I obviously want to help delight all of your respective sweethearts with fabulous Valentine's gifts!

So what I have decided is to both stick with the classics (don't fix what ain't broke, right?) and add a showstopper to the mix. Gotta keep it fresh!

2012 Box of Chocolates Valentine's Sampler Packs $15/each (contains two each of the following flavors):
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Chocolate Truffle
Caramel Chocolate Pretzel (!!!)

As an added bonus this year, we will be offering orders of homemade vegan truffles and/or candied nuts. You've tried them in/on the cakes, and now they are available on their own- just like the little stars they are!

Assortment of Truffles $5/box (6 in each box; mix and match or get 6 of one flavor): deep chocolate, cranberry pistachio, chocolate orange

Candied Nuts $4/bag (small bag of one or the other): cinnamon spice pecans OR salted maple walnuts

Please place your orders (comment on the blog, facebook, or email) before February 8th. They will be ready for pick-up on the 13th. This run is for Western Mass only (sorry, Maine!). 

*EDIT: We are officially sold out of samplers! Feel free to place an order for truffles or nuts until midnight on the 8th, however.*