Aha Moment

I just stumbled across this gem again today. Had forgotten it had even happened. Last summer just seems so long ago now. I had got an email from the Aha Moments tour manager, who apparently is a Brave New Cupcakes blog reader (!!!). She wondered if I might be interested in coming down to Springfield, MA to be interviewed when they were heading through my neck of the woods.

It was such a surreal and funny experience. The tour is a marketing campaign for Mutual of Omaha (yes, the insurance company). I was under no impression that it would get me any business or bring attention to my name, but I did think that it would be a sort of weird and interesting thing that I could later direct people to on the internet (like I am doing right now!). So I said, "Sure!"

The day was hot and very windy. I remember being extremely nervous and worried that I would look sloppy and sweaty on camera, that I wouldn't say any of the right things. Inside an airstream trailer in the middle of the Basketball Hall of Fame's parking lot, I was perched on a tall stool talking about myself for what seemed like an hour. Awkward question after awkward question... take after take...

But I did get a sweet little video to show for it... One that actually captures how I feel about having this opportunity in my life to create things that bring a smile to so many people's faces. And for that, I am so grateful.

Thank you, Aha Moments crew!