Happy Valentine's!

I have spent most of my waking moments in the past two days baking and frosting and dipping and drizzling... and every other kind of pastry-related verb you can conjure. I am tired, let me tell you. Like dog tired. Like a baby that is suddenly sound asleep when they were wide awake just a moment before. But I am also so proud and happy!

Not only did that "Box of Chocolates" samplers turn out great...

 But I added truffles to my repertoire! Chocolate is even more temperamental than vegan or gluten free baking... You have no idea. But as Tyler very sweetly pointed out this morning, "Ash, you have to try to notice how great you're doing in the moment. Not just afterward." Very right, he is. And they turned out so well! Especially for a first run.

So Happy Valentine's, my sweet cupcake-eaters! And thank you, once again, for all the support! So much love!