Musical Birthday

Today I spent a beautiful day, free from the full time job, making sparkly and fun cakes. My sweet friend Sarah is throwing a birthday celebration for her boyfriend who loves all things music, and they asked me to make some theme-appropriate desserts for the occasion. Obviously, I was more than happy to oblige!

First we have the lovely Mojito Cupcake. This might be my personal favorite of my cupcakes: moist and citrus-y cake, dipped in a rum glaze, topped with a lime buttercream and garnished with fresh mint. It's a bit under-appreciated, probably because it's an out of the ordinary flavor, but let me tell you- it comes highly recommended. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Next Sarah requested the new and very popular Mocha Cupcake. Look at those little chocolate covered espresso bean garnishes! I love how these turned out; they're just so darn cute! And I'm certain the party-goers will be just as delighted with their rich and complex flavor as well.

Finally, I had an unusual request to top off the order: make those cakes "musical." Sarah had originally wanted to incorporate a vinyl record theme, but after several attempts at chocolate records (you would be surprised how hard it is to make them recognizable!) the idea was scrapped. Believe me, if it's not going well with chocolate, if it's not cooperating, you cut your losses. Go back to the drawing board! Nothing is worse than having a whole bowl of chocolate seize on you ($$$$$)...

Instead, I decided on shimmery chocolate music notes. I chose to garnish the Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with these, and they turned out great! Supremely adorable, if you ask me! Also, this was the first time I had used gold luster dust as paint, so I am psyched to see that it works so well.

Happy birthday, Chris! I put lots of love into these cakes, and I so hope that they make your day special!