Springtime Happy Hour Sampler

For quite some time, I have been toying with the idea of a "cocktails and cupcakes" theme and wondered where I could apply it. A party? A potluck? Have even thought that a bar that specialized in dessert themed cocktails and cocktail themed desserts would be a fun business model... And in brainstorming have said to myself, "Why not recipe test some yummy cocktail themed cakes?? Give this idea something concrete!"

And so... with much thanks to my lovely facebook fans for some flavor ideas.... I would like to introduce our Springtime Happy Hour Sampler!

Meet the new lineup!
IRISH CREME CUPCAKES chocolate stout cake with a whiskey truffle center topped with Irish creme frosting
MOJITO CUPCAKES moist, citrus cake dipped in a mint/rum glaze and topped with lime buttercream
MIMOSA CUPCAKES orange infused vanilla cake topped with a champagne frosting and candied orange peel

Each sampler contains 6 cupcakes (2 of each of the above flavors) and costs $15. I will be taking orders (via comments on this post or by email at bravenewcupcakes@gmail.com) until April 16th. Samplers will be ready and available for pick-up on Sunday, April 22nd. Secure yours today; we only take a limited number of orders! Western Mass only (sorry, Maine-rs!)

Get excited!