Beringer Great Steak Challenge

I just want to shout from the rooftops: I have a very, very talented friend! Remember way back when I went to Napa Valley for a few days? I headed out there with my lovely friend, Kristen, who had been chosen as a top ten finalist for the Beringer Great Steak Challenge.

It was 6 days of wine tours, 5 star meals, meet and greets with the Deen Brothers.... all on Beringer! Not to mention I got to watch a live, televised cook-off. Truly, I won the lottery. I was the supportive and hungry friend tagging along on Kristen's hard-won adventure.

And part of that adventure was signing a contract that I would not breath a word of the outcome of the competition until the first airing of the show, and now that it aired last Tuesday I can talk about it all I want!

Wait, did I mention yet that it was very difficult not to talk about the whole thing because KRISTEN WON?!

Yup, the girl won the whole sha-bang and walked away with a giant bottle of wine and $25,000. Seriously. Being the +1 in that situation ruled. I was one proud friend. In fact, I can be seen on camera (several times) fist-pumping and screaming with excitement.

Moral of the story though: I want to congratulate Kristen. She is a mama to a beautiful one year old. A great wife. A new business owner (check out Popcorn Noir if you haven't already, Western Mass-ers!). And now a food celebrity in the making! Girl's got skills, and I am proud to call her my friend.