Chef Wheeler del Torro's Barrio

***The winner of the giveaway is.... Hanna! Thanks for participating!***


Chef Wheeler del Torro first came onto my radar a few years ago. I had taken my love for cooking up a notch and started making nearly everything from scratch: vegetable stock, seitan, bread, granola, soy milk.... Vegan at the time, I bought tooooooons of cookbooks and sought out workshops and food festivals on vegan cuisine and its preparation. And that year, I happened upon Wheeler's Frozen Desserts twice.

The first time, I was tabling at Mass Market. A friend came hurtling back to my table (crafts at that time, not cupcakes) with a tiny sample of ice cream. "They're giving out free samples of vegan ice cream over there!" she said. I still remember the amazing taste.... by far the best texture and flavor for a vegan ice cream, any ice cream really, that I had ever had. I believe it was a pumpkin flavor, which I enjoyed again (twice) at that year's Boston Veg Fest in Roxbury. Since then, Chef del Torro has branched out into many, many different areas of the culinary world (ice cream "designer," catering, cookbooks, etc). Most recently, he's been blowing up in the press for his pop-up ventures. Read all about what pop-up restaurants are and Chef del Torri's exploits here.

Chef Tim Maslow
 Why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Well, the lovely people in charge of the press and reservations for these pop-up events have extended a very generous invitation to myself and the readers of Brave New Cupcakes. At 8pm on Thursday, April 26th, Chef del Torro's Barrio will be popping up in Boston, and he'll be teaming up with Chef Tim Maslow of Strip-T's restaurant to bring you a fresh and exciting menu. And guess what! My readers will have the chance to check it out!

If YOU would be interested in attending this event and partaking in incredibly delicious Afro-Cuban street food at an undisclosed, secret location, all you have to do is....

COMMENT ON THIS POST (I heard some of you had trouble figuring it out last time, so read this!) with your NAME, EMAIL, and tell me.... What is your favorite Wheeler's ice cream flavor OR Which one do you rreeeaaalllllyyyy want to try based on this mouth-watering list?

The contest will be open until Sunday, April 15th at 6pm. We will randomly select a winner on Monday, April 16th. You will be given the exact location of the event on the day-of (April 26th), via email.

Tell all of your friends in/around Boston (or those willing to travel) to enter! It's going to be a blast! And let's all thank Chef del Torro and the people at the Kitchntable for giving our readers this awesome opportunity!