Happy Hour Samplers! Now in Maine too

So my beautiful, talented, amazing boyfriend is a phenomenal photographer. Good friends and long-time readers know this. He's brilliant. And in the midst of sampler madness this morning, I asked if he would take some photos so that I would have something to share with you all... And he really outdid himself. Check out the completed Springtime Happy Hour Samplers! And Maine-rs that had been interested in this sampler, please see below for details on a Maine run available in May!

MOJITO: minted rum glaze, lime buttercream

MIMOSA: citrus champagne frosting, candied orange peel

IRISH CREMES: chocolate stout cake, whiskey truffle, Irish cream frosting

THANK YOU to all those who ordered in Western Mass! And those in Maine interested in this sampler, I will be offering a batch on the weekend of May 12th/13th (Mother's Day), available for pick-up in Scarborough. Please order (via a comment on this blog post or an email to bravenewcupcakes@gmail.com) before Monday, May 7th! Each box of 6 (2 of each flavor) is $15. Help spread the word!