My Nana

I would like to dedicate this post to my lovely Nana. Cynthia White Chase, you are stunning, smart, generous to a fault... I love you dearly! Happy, happy, happy birthday.

Because she has a big, important birthday this year, and she deserves the world, I thought I would contribute to the party that my relatives are putting together by making some Nana-themed desserts.

to say "I don't really eat sweets."

A challenge, yes? Well, if you know me... I'm up for it! And so first of all, I decided on minis. Minis are great for parties- you can try multiple flavors, they're less messy, they're so cuuuuuute! But above all, they're only a bite of cake! So I figure... you cannot really say, "Oh, that's too much for me" or any such thing about a mini cupcake. (I hope.)

Then there's the issue of flavor. Nana loves everything lemon. I decided to make an assortment of lemon-themed cakes: raspberry lemonade, coconut lemon, lemon ginger, and white chocolate lemon. All but the raspberry lemonade have a lemon curd filling. And then, for good measure I threw in a couple of mocha minis (so adorable in mini-form!).

I am crossing my fingers that these little guys will add that special something to Nana's party, and I will surely update with party pictures! Wish us luck!