Summer Samplers 2012

 Hello all!
 Sorry it's been a little while! I'm a bit distracted these days... what with all the sun, big changes happening in my professional life, and a move on the horizon. But all this gorgeous weather has also got me thinking about summer flavors. These are the days where I drink water with mint from my garden, snack on berries for breakfast, and love nothing more than existing solely on fresh vegetables. It get the gears turning, but it can also give me a bit of a creative block when it comes to new flavors because, let's be real, who wants to be standing in front of a piping hot oven on a ninety degree day??

But not to fear,  I do plan on developing some brand new things this summer (keylime, watermelon citrus, chocolate coconut have all been tossed into the idea pool). That will probably be a mid or end-of-summer sort of thing... And then for now, I thought we'd celebrate some of the summer flavors that haven't been out to play much since last year. Bring on the favorites!

Raspberry Lemonade (bright citrus, fresh raspberries)

Pancake Breakfast (MAPLE and blueberries)

S'more Please (marshmallow/truffle center, graham coating)

On June 10th, Brave New Cupcakes will be in MAINE (Scarborough). We will have sampler packs of 6 cupcakes (2 raspberry lemonade, 2 pancake breakfast, 2 s'more please) for sale for $15 dollars. These must be ordered before June 5th so I will know how many to bring! Please reserve by commenting here or sending an email to

In addition, these samplers will be available in WESTERN MASS the following weekend of June 17th. Same flavors, same deal. Order before June 11th!

XOXO And enjoy the sunshine!