Red Velvets

As promised, I have some luscious, amazing, GORGEOUS photos of the previously mentioned Red Velvet cupcakes from yesterday. That boyfriend of mine is just so talented... it is ridiculous. I may never be able to put up photographs I have taken on my own ever again because these are so stunning that they would absolutely pale in comparison.

All photo's by Tyler Gorman
Click the image to bask in it's full-size splendor!

For anyone unclear, these cakes are red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting is not vegan but can be made vegan upon request! They're garnished with large, decorative sugar crystals in a dark blue. These beauts were for a private party at Easthampton's Popcorn Noir. I sometimes cupcake-cater functions for them, upon request. It is a GREAT space for a party, if you live in the area! Highly recommended.